4 fashion trends I am loving right now and why

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

July is special to me for many reasons. One reason is surely that this is my birthday month, but it is also the halfway point of the year. 6 months down and 6 more to go. It's a good time to take stock of how the year is playing out and what are the goals I want to pursue for the remaining months.

July is also a good time to see what has survived from the beginning of the year and is still a part of my mind space. Our lives are dynamics and whether or not you make New Year Resolutions (I don't), there are some aspects of our lives we think will remain the same while others we expect to change.

I think this applies to fashion choices just as much as life choices. Trends come and go. Sometimes they are around only for a few short weeks and sometimes they pass the test of time and stick around for decades.

There were new trends emerging at the beginning of 2018 and some spilling over from 2017. We were all talking about the things we are loving in the current season, but I think, it is now time to make a list of the favourites that survived the six month period and are either now a happy part of my wardrobe or I plan to include them soon.

Before I begin I would like to mention that these are my favourites and may clearly differ from what fashion experts may think.

Statement sleeves 

4 fashion trends I am loving right now and why


If you have a quick scroll through my Instagram feed you will know I love statement sleeves. I have always been a sucker for bell sleeves so I was thrilled when they started appearing in stores again.

And this time's statement sleeves have gone beyond the simple bell flare and include puffs, leg o' muttons and ruched bells. I can only say that I am over the moon to find one of my all-time favourites being incorporated in clothes again. 

Statement sleeves make me feel confident and beautiful, which I find is an important self-expression in my fashion journey. 

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Embroidered detailing 

4 fashion trends I am loving right now and why


Details in an outfit are so important. A small manipulation of fabric or addition of an element can change the entire look and feel of an outfit. It is no surprise then, that I love the trend of including embroidered detailing in clothes this year.

Embroidery is a beautiful art form and even though the current lot are usually machine embroidered, I can't help revelling in the beauty of their creation.


4 fashion trends I am loving right now and why


Pastel colours have always drawn my attention for the simple reason that they are so muted and soft. And blush really takes the cake. I believe it is a colour that goes with all skin tones and can make anyone feel like a pretty little lady.

This year I saw a lot of beautiful fashion pieces in blush on Instagram feeds around the globe. From tops and dresses to shoes and watches, you could find blush coloured pieces everywhere. And they look so pretty.

Honestly, I have only one blush top in my wardrobe right now because I have been trying to lead a life of minimalism. But that one top is more special because I do not find my closet full of a certain type of clothes from a particular phase. That top also has statement sleeves (hurray) so I managed to combine two of my favourite trends in a single piece. 

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Vintage and Modern Vintage

4 fashion trends I am loving right now and why


I know this is not a new trend or specific to this year even but I am seeing it crop up more often than before and I think it deserves a place in my list of favourites. I will confess that I haven't been able to add an authentic (or even modern) vintage piece to my wardrobe just yet. But I love the designs I am seeing on other girls who are sporting these pieces.

Personally, I am more drawn to the day-to-day wear pieces made in cotton that have simple but elegant cuts and patterns. They speak of a simpler time that many of us will never know. There's a certain grace and innocence about the cute knife-pleated skirts that end way past the knees and the simplistic prints like plaid or stripes.

There's also the high-end modern vintage that's all about luxury and clothes you would wear to a nice evening out. They look pretty too, although they aren't really what I am coveting at the moment. 

If I wasn't trying to get over my shopping addiction I know I would have gone nuts trying to include as many of these trends into my wardrobe as I possibly could. I was able to overcome my shopping addiction through a series of steps. Click here to read more about how to break the bad habit of shopping.

That's it. My four favourite trends that I am digging at the halfway point of 2018. What do you think of the list? Any trends you think I should pay more or less attention to? Let me know in the comments section below and let's discuss. 

4 fashion trends I am loving right now and why

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