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Monday, June 25, 2018

Recently I was offered an opportunity to receive a personalized product for testing and review from

To give you a little bit of background, is an online retailer that specializes in offering personalized gift items on their website. They have a fairly wide selection of gift items including watch boxes, wooden watches, pendants with name or initials, chopping boards and whiskey glasses among other things.

I chose to receive their Wooden Bamboo Watch with a personalized engraving for my review. The specifications of my personalized element were:

Font Type- Mongolian Baiti
Personalized message- Carpe Diem

Are you looking for unique gift ideas? Try

What drew me to this gift item?

I found the bamboo watch to be quite unique and different from the regular watches found in most stores. The concept of a watch with a personalized message also appealed to me because it adds to the uniqueness and novelty value of the timepiece. 

There are two other options of wooden watches available on their website in natural wood colours. You can view them here.

Shipping and Delivery

I chose to have the watch shipped to my sister in Texas, USA and it was readied and delivered in about a week. I thought that was really quick for a personalized gift item.

The watch was packed in a simple bubble wrap and was shipped in one of those yellow envelopes with a bubble wrap lining. I was a little surprised by that. However, the watch was completely safe and undamaged so I suppose they know what they are doing is sufficient. The dial had an additional plastic cover to ensure that there were no scratches on the surface.

Are you looking for unique gift ideas? Try

My impressions of the bamboo wooden watch

The bamboo wooden watch came with the personalized message engraved on the back of the dial. 

Since the key element was the personalized message, I was happy to note that the font and engraving were done well and looked good on the finished product.

The second most important thing for me in choosing this particular gift item was the bamboo wooden dial. This also was impressive. The dial is large and perfect as a men's watch. It can also be worn by women who like wearing watches with large dials. The bamboo wood is light coloured which means it's easy to tell the time from it.

I have been wearing the watch quite regularly for the past month and I am really happy with it.

Are you looking for unique gift ideas? Try

Coming to the watch strap

The strap is made of a suede type of material which ensures a good grip on the wrist. It has a basic tang buckle (similar to the ones seen in belts) and there are enough holes to fit most wrist sizes.

I have very thin wrists so I have never had a watch that sits perfectly on my wrist. But for most people, the fit options should be sufficient.

Final thoughts

Overall I am really happy with my personalized bamboo wooden watch. It has a clean and minimalist look that goes with most of my outfits. I like that the personalized element sits on the back of the dial and is not loud or over the top. The watch looks durable and hasn't given me any trouble in the month or so I have been using it.

I love the idea of personalized items because they make one feel special. Whether you buy it as a gift for someone else or even for yourself, personalized pieces hold a special place in our hearts. offers an affordable way to give a unique gift that our dear ones will treasure. They offer gift items for men, women, kids as well as wedding gifts.

The next time you are looking to buy a gift for a loved one, I would definitely recommend that you check out their website for unique pieces.

Are you looking for unique gift ideas? Try

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